Anime Matsuri: Trouble in Texas

If you’re following anything about this Texas-based convention and/or the Lolita community, I’m sure you’ve heard most of the stories… Allegations of embezzlement, sexual harassment, overall harassment, and the list goes on. Well, here’s everything I dug up on Anime Matsuri, and we’ll let you decide if this convention is really worth your time and money to attend.

Liberty City Anime Convention 2016 Masquerade

It seems that due to some controversy with Superheroes Unlimited and whatnot, we decided to post Liberty City Anime Convention’s 2016 masquerade that they ran.  Did they do a good job?  You be the judge, check it out below!

Cosplay Interview with Liliphae

It’s time once more for another cosplayer interview! This next one, shared from Cosplay Blog with a Brain, is an interview with Liliphae! She’s a relatively newer cosplayer from California, who loves League of Legends!




Liliphae out of costume

Episode 341 : The 2017 Drunken Christmas Show!

On tonight’s show, you’ve waited all year for it, and now wait no more! The 2017 Drunken Christmas Special is tonight! Join the cast and crew of this podcast, along with special guests as they talk about they favorite 2017 anime and game!  Also, holiday horror stories, and the best and worst gifts ever received! Plus the return of the Skypeline!  And the final Strange News from Japan, a stuck train gets a tent potty, 50th anniversary Peanuts exhibit, low smell KFC chicken, and the bullet train that went oops!

Download episode by clicking the RSS at the top right corner of the page, or you can listen right here on this page!

Episode 340 : Lost in Shipping.

On tonight’s show, we have Pokémon GO updates! And what’s going with the Detective Pikachu movie? Thoughts on the live action Alita: Battle Angel film, and Boku No Hero Academia original film! A death metal loving panda gets an anime, and an 8-bit themed FullMetal Alchemist trailer? And in Strange News From Japan, a man tries to woo a woman buy cutting her brakes, neighbor attacks a tv through the floor, and the Tokyo Metro app tells you which stalls are free?

Download episode by clicking the RSS at the top right corner of the page, or you can listen right here on this page!

Borough Con 2017: Too Much Too Soon?

This con Report fought me.  This is more of a what not to do to when hosting your first convention, because quite frankly, this convention failed miserably, and makes me wonder how they’re able to afford to do it again this coming year.  ~Mako-Chan


On Memorial Day weekend, some of the Anime Jam Session crew took the holiday to head to a new local college con.  Borough Con 2017 took play between Friday, May 26th and Monday, May 29th 2017, at St. John’s University, in Queens, NY.

Borough Con is a spinoff of the convention Knightrokon, which was held in Orlando, FL.  After the last event in 2014, the con, with no other notice, other than to say that it was the last con, closed its doors. A few years later, Borough Con started to be announced.  Right away the con sounded amazing, tons of amazing actors, voices, and guests.  However, the number they predicted for a first-year con, 20,000 warm bodies, was quite laughable to many.

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