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Episode 278 – It’s Liberty City Anime Con, not a Rockstar Thing.

On tonight’s show, DJ Ranma S brings us this thoughts about Liberty City Anime Con, and if it holds up. Then with time permitting, the hosts talk about the end of Bleach, and the upcoming live action film. Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, surprises people at the Olympic closing ceremonies in Rio, IconiQ, The Soundtrack Orchestra announces a new concert, a Pokémon book of inspirational quotes are due out, and along with a script for the feature film! Then we ask in the Open Forum Topic, what Japanese musical artist would you like to see perform at the Opening Ceremonies in Tokyo? And wrapping things up in Strange News from Japan, a man cause stealing from a hotel room, plus the fridge, a ramen restaurant for simulated dates, and changing the shape of your nose for cosplay?

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Episode 277 – The Final Otakon… In Baltimore…

On tonight’s show, we’re talking Otakon! Join the whole cast and crew as they talk about the good and bad times, and the wonderful experiences of this con! And if time permits, we news about Ranma ½, PaRappa the Rapper, the final attendance numbers of Comiket, and how to get doujins from 7-ELEVEN! In our Open Forum Topic, we want to know about your favorite Otakon memories! And wrapping things up in Strange News From Japan, criminal is arrested after he returns to the crime scene to apologize, an idol group disbands due to the producer, and what happened to the passengers luggage on ANA?!

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DRRR!! Anime Review (Pronounced Durarara!!)


This first season is a little bit connected to Baccano! The password to get into the Dollars website is Baccano and you see two of the characters from the show in the background of this series. After that, there’s just other references to other anime series such as Spice and Wolf, Black Butler, Shakugan no Shana and more.

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Episode 276 – The Road Going to Otakon

On tonight’s show, Ichigo Gami joins us as Mako-chan and DJ AJ are off doing shenanigans! Ichigo will give us a brief rundown of World Cosplay Summit! Then Ari Rockefeller and That DJ Ranma S Guy talks about the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and what that could mean for tattoos. A lawsuit against Pokémon GO, and Pikachu‘s ketchup song? Then there’s talk of a transforming Cup of Noodles, and a 9 year old wins a voice acting competition! And we ask you in the Open Forum Topic, what anime/gaming tattoos do you have or wish to have? And wrapping things up in strange news from Japan, man robs a store, and asks to have cops called on him, a man shows a girl his “pokeballs”, and Team Rocket clean up a Pokémon GO park!

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AnimeNEXT 2016 – Going All In

I’ve had a lot of personal dealings to contend with between now and the convention itself, but as they’re a bit on the personal side, I’ll put them aside for now and just get right into it.


Baccano! Anime Review


First, I must say, I absolutely LOVED this anime. I would put it in the top 10 anime, which is very tough to do since I have been watching anime for 20 years or so.

The opening grabs you and just doesn’t let go! In fact, that’s my current ringtone for my phone.

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