Episode #186 – New York Comic Con… Just Smoke and Mirrors

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We’re talking New York Comic Con! The hosts didn’t go, but Avalon Cosplay did! She discusses with DJ Ranma S Guy and Ari Rockefeller what all went down in the last four days! We’ll also cover some important news about Sailor Moon and Gundam releases! Along with our Open Forum Topic that discusses bad times at conventions… Did you have one? And also, our News From Japan, officer arrested for drinking and driving, man tries to rob a convenience store within 10 minutes of each other, and new ice cream flavors?

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185 – So, What’s Up This Week Guys?!

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On this week’s show, DJ Ranma S talks about the Morning Musume concert in NYC. Mako-chan and Ari Rockefeller discuss Viz Media’s lineup for New York Comic Con and Gurren Lagann… The play! Naruto manga soon comes to an end, and a followup with charges against voice actor Illich Guardiola, and an X Japan US documentary! We ask on the Open Forum Topic about what concerts you’ve seen at conventions! In News From Japan, a man dies over a ramen shop seat, two guys arrested, one for pouring urine, and the other for cutting up a schoolgirl skirt, and is physical media more popular than streaming?

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New York Comic Con’s Policy on Weapons and Props


Just about every convention you can think of has rules in regards to weapons and/or props for your cosplay.  As long as you abide by them, you’ll be alright.  This weekend is New York Comic Con, the East Coast’s biggest comic and entertainment show.  In preparedness, they posted their FAQ on weapons and props here.

UPDATE 1: At the end of this article, we have an email response in regards to the weapons policy at NYCC.

UPDATE 2: Another email from NYCC Customer Service and a conversation from Rita, head of security.

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Episode #184 – Can it Be? Yes it is… SEASON FOUR!

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This week’s episode is our SEASON 4 PREMIERE! DJ Ranma S reflects back on some classic cartoons with the hosts, along with a followup with a scathing article that blamed cosplayers for the decline of sales at cons. Then Mako-chan and Ari Rockefeller tells us about anime based GPS smartphones, con staffer that’s a registered sex offender, a life sized Pikachu, anime parents that you may have wanted, and the Dragon Ball Z network to playtest the next video game. And then we ask about your favorite cartoons on our Open Forum Topic! And in News from Japan, a bus driver arrested for kissing a passenger, what happens if you own camera shoes, and a bank employee and court clerk arrested for groping a girl?!

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Game Review[First Impressions] – Super Smash Bros. (3DS)


If you had told me approximately ten years ago that I’d be getting hyped as hell for the newest Super Smash Bros games coming out, needless to say I’d have a bunch of questions to ask…chief among them being, “Super Smash Bros.? That looks so stupid!” » Read more..

Otakon 2014 – In a Transitional Period


As much as I like going to anime conventions and the like, I do put my life before going to them, especially when something very drastic is happening in my life. And as much as I anticipated going, there was still the massive living room elephant of me moving out of my childhood home and into a new apartment complex. Seeing everything in the house systematically packed up and relocated was unnerving, but I still had my journalistic integrity to uphold. So maybe going to spend a weekend in Baltimore was the perfect thing to help clear my mind and my conscience.

I hoped. » Read more..

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