Episodes 214 and 215 Update!

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Both episodes have been posted for your download listening… Pleasure.

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Episode 214: It’s Not What You Said, it’s What They Said.
On this show, Mako-chan brings us news about the latest Sera Myu musical, the actress are graduation, do we get a new musical? Ari Rockefeller tells us about seven manga’s banned all around the world. DJ Ranma S talks about Yurikuma Arashi, and how it brings forth homosexuality and Japan. Also, the hosts discuss the difference between TV and bluray releases of anime, and a local business pulls the plug on a racy ‘maid cafe’? In our Open Forum Topic, we ask you about food, what new Japanese meal and/or snacks have you tried, outside of pocky and ramen? And in Strange News from Japan, a school principal is arrested on a break in charge, a mother calls the cops on man with a saw, and cooking classes with your cat?


Episode 215: Episode #214 Got Das Boot, So Here’s Episode 215.
On today’s show, we’re DJ Ranma S talks about Japan Day @ Central Park on Sunday! Mako-chan and Ari Rockefeller discuss more new on Digimon Tri, and appearances by the 02 team, the theory that Totoro is the God of Death, and a guide to panties in anime?! And we discuss Ani-Mia’s post about cosplay crowdfunding, and where does the hosts stand? And on the Skypeline tonight, we keep it simple… We want to know what anime are you watching right now! In Strange News in Japan, a man is arrested for throwing coffee on a girl, a cop arrested for filming upskirt, and three things foreigners do that impress the Japanese?

Episodes 214 and 215

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We ran into some slight audio issues with this and least week’s episodes.  I was able to determine the problem, and prevent it for upcoming episodes. As for now, both episodes will be posted for download, with a warning before the episodes, in regards to the audio issues. Due to the audio quality, both episodes have not be reaired on VOG Network

Zenkaikon Cosplay 2015


Something a little different from me this time. While the general contention report was already done, I’ve decided to do a little cosplay report to highlight some of my favorites during the weekend of Zenkaikon.

As you all know, Zenkaikon took place between March 27th and 29th. While growing in popularity over the years, Zenkaikon brings a huge mixture of variety in cosplay. This seems to be a con in which people experiment; crossovers, old school animation, and creative twists on popular shows. » Read more..

BS Cosplay Crowdfunding

Ranma Saotome

If you have listened to our podcast, we will talk about crowdfunding from time to time.  We’ve had a couple of people on to talk about their crowdfunding projects that benefits the cosplay community.  And there are those times, we will talk about a few that do no good to the community.  We’ve never had those people on our show, because they never accepted the offer to defend themselves.  Recently, popular east coast cosplayer Ani-Mia, had something very interesting to say about this on her fan page…

» Read more..

No-Stretch Boot Covers Tutorial


So, after much discussion, we’ve decided to start presenting some of the tutorials I’ve collected over the years from Cosplay Blog with a Brain!

This tutorial was created by Fire Lily Cosplay, and teaches how to create no-stretch boot covers!



» Read more..

Episode #213 – That Sakura Matsuri!

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On tonight’s show, join DJ Ranma S and Avalon Cosplay as they discuss Sakura Matsuri at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden! Then Mako-chan and Ari Rockefeller talks to us about Kakashi Hatake’s real face in the Naruto manga, the new dub for Love Live! School Idol Project, Columbia Records releasing classic anime soundtracks, and Vampire Hunter D get a relicense and new dub! And in our Open Forum Topic, we ask you about anime adaptations and how different they are from the manga! And wrapping things up in Strange News from Japan, a man is arrested for 5,000 calls to the fire department, former police officer arrested for indecent exposure, and scalper arrested for jacking up the price of concert tickets?!

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