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Interview With Cakes With Faces Designer

I stumbled across Amy Crabtree’s shop, Cakes With Faces, while browsing on YouTube for Japan vlogs, and found her YouTube channel. A little after, I got in touch with her for an interview! Note that this is not a sponsored post, just a little something from one admirer of Japanese cute culture to another.     […]

International Sailor Moon Day Livestream!

Can’t get to the website to watch the event?  Join us here! EDIT: Updated link to stream!

Stay Classy Hot Topic, Stay Classy

It seems that in recent months that Hot Topic has begun to get back into the better embraces of the anime fandom.  For years, a majority of the anime fans resented the company for selling anime merchandise because the clothing retailer was considered to be “too mainstream”.  That I do get, but I tell you […]

Fighting for a Name

Hailing from Portland, Oregon, The Slants have become quite a common name in the convention community. They’re an Asian-American dance rock band formed to “empower people of color, celebrate our respective heritages, and of course, have an outlet for our artistic expression.” They have been a big hit, performing from coast to coast, and when […]

Tokyo to Host the 2020 Summer Olympics…oh LAWDY

So. If you were listening in to our podcast on September 10th, you’ll notice, towards the end, we discussed Tokyo’s awarding of the 2020 Summer Olympic Games. It took all of a few minutes before we (and the article) noticed that the anime Akira also had, as its backdrop, the 2020 Summer Olympics; hell, the […]

Sailor Senshi on Tap

At some point on Twitter, I had seen an announcement that there was to be a special Sera Myu karaoke event happening at the same time the new musical was out.  I’m not exactly sure what is going on with that, but it seems that special drinks are going to be available, based on the […]

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